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2016 BRA TRENDS: 4 Must-Have Styles

And that right there is one of my favourite Seinfeld scenes ever, and since we’re talking bras it’s a pretty clear indication of how far we’ve come in this matter. I’m sure most men still base their whole lives on the D cups, but bras for us have come a long way ladies. They’ve become trendy, cool, edgy, feminine, fashionable. Today you can make a huge fashion statement with just a bra strap.

While we’re still not walking around in our bras (another Seinfeld reference) we’re not that far away either. For the past two years we’ve had the exposed lingerie trend bombarding us with lace, and straps, and sheer fabric from feminine to borderline BDSM styles. Wearing a great bra these days can be part of an outfit and a fashion thing in itself.

So with the lingerie culture and fas...