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7 Fashion Tips You Can Only Learn From Street Style

Let us fill you in on a little secret: As much as we love celebrity style, when we’re looking for outside-the box tips and tricks to step up our game every now and then, there’s no better place to look to for inspiration than the streets. That’s because unlike celebs, street style stars have the freedom to try things that wouldn’t necessarily translate on the very public and highly scrutinized red carpet. Whether it’s a new way to wear your typically at-home PJ’s, a standoutsneaker styling trick, or a T-shirt–and-dress combo that will help you get the most use out of your fun party pieces, street style is chock-full of creative ideas. So today, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite for you to try too—along with the tips to learn from them.

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Nikki Reed’s Cruelty-Free Bags Are the Ultimate Earth Month Accessories

Nikki Reed, star of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, is a lifelong animal lover. “My house is filled with pets at any given time,” she says, noting that she’s even fostered dogs in need of homes. Reed decided to combine her passion for protecting furry friends with her fashion expertise and teamed up with Freedom of Animals designer Morgan Bogle to help create a line of “PETA-approved vegan” handbags.

Every piece in the sleek, streamlined bag collection is sustainable and cruelty-free, meaning that the highest quality eco-friendly, humane materials are used and everything is produced in U.S. factories with ethical production practices...