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The 14 Unforgettable Gowns from Couture Fashion Week

070716-couture-week-dresses-leadHaris Haute Couture Fashion Week came and went, and along with it, the exquisite, extraordinary one-of-a-kind works of the couturiers.

But even though their time on the fall 2016 runways were fleeting (much like all good things in life), at least we have the photographs of each look to obsess-slash-drool over. Unlike ready-to-wear, couture is a way for designers to stretch their imaginations without worrying about silly things like affordability and in some cases, wearability.As a result, there’s no shortage of extravagance or spectacular looks that serves as a fine display of exemplary craftsmanship. Take designer Iris van Herpen, for instance. The designer fashioned a stunning masterpiece made of thousands of silicone-coated hand-blown glass bubbles...