If you haven’t heard about Bombfell by now then you have probably been living under a rock.  Simply put, it’s a fashion service in which customers are matched with their own personal stylist who then hand selects brand-name menswear clothing to send them each month. The guy has ten days to try everything on and then pays for what he likes and sends back what he doesn’t. Oh, and did we mention that shipping is free both ways? Sign us up.

We recently sat down to chat with Co-Founder, Sarah Lee, and Senior Stylist, Will Noguchi, to discuss all things Bombfell. They also gave us the low down on their personal style, plus fashion tips worth jotting down. Check it out:

What is a typical day in your life at Bombfell?

SL: In terms of scheduling, there is no typical day and my calendar is constantly shifting with the changes in priorities over the week. Flexibility is a must in running a productive startup. It is also critical to build a team who can do the job better than you can! I have the privilege of working with Stylists, Customer Experience Associates, Buyers, Merchandisers, and Managers who outshine me every single day. It’s incredible to work alongside such talented people.

WN: Honestly each day is totally different here! Being a senior stylist, I am constantly styling new creative projects and presentations. Usually, I’ll style clients in the morning, a debate over what’s for lunch, and shoot on figure product shots. After lunch, I’m focused on styling outfits for social media, curating styling presentations, and developing new creative campaigns. When all that is wrapped up, I take a deep breath and walk out into the fantasy of New York City!

What’s your best piece of style advice?

SL: I’ve always believed that personal style should be an extension of one’s self. I do love getting input from my friends and family for inspiration and feedback, but I like to take what they contribute with a grain of salt. Ultimately I try to listen to my own voice; the more you stay true to who you are, the more stylish you will be!

WN: Always be yourself! Don’t follow trends; follow your instinct. Trends are great for supplementing your wardrobe, but the “style of your life” needs to come from what feels right to you. You can always try new things, change your style every week, or wear the same look every day for a year. But no matter what always be yourself!

Three words to describe your personal style?

SL: Mercurial- My wardrobe choices depend on change from day to day and how I’m feeling at that moment. Weather can also be an influence, especially since I work in Manhattan and you have to be prepared for pounding the pavement and running from meeting to meeting.

Practical- I’m a working mom (I have a very active 2year old son and a baby girl coming in August), so I have to think ahead about what kind of day I am heading into. Often, this means wearing washable fabrics and silhouettes that allow a lot of movement.

Fresh- I like to try new things and experiment with my look, but in general I enjoy wearing clothing that is unique and special, usually bold in color or pattern, that makes a statement. I gravitate towards clean and modern silhouettes that really work with what my mama gave me!

WN: “Dark-Androgynous-Jewels”

Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

SL: My vintage Dior turban hat! It’s hot pink silk charmeuse and I got it at a vintage store near where I went to college.

WN: An oversized sleeveless tee with a giant portrait of Whitney Houston on it. I’ve had it for years. My best friend gave it to me and it instantly became a staple in my wardrobe.

What is your favorite thing about working at Bombfell?

SL: Our beloved team! I’m lucky to work with a wide range of teams and people on a daily basis. Every day, I work with our extremely talented Styling and Customer Experience Teams who work tirelessly to help our clients look and feel their best. I also have the pleasure to work with our whip-smart Buying and Merchandising Teams, in addition to our visionary Creative Team! Bombfell wouldn’t be the company it is without the people here, and it’s not something I or the other two founders take for granted.

WN: I would have to say my favorite thing about Bombfell are the people I work with. There is an amazing environment here that always keeps you going and puts you in a positive mood. That said, knowing we are helping people across the country find their style is also a huge reason I love Bombfell. For me, personal style is very empowering. Being able to help others share that feeling makes me very proud of what I do!

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