3 Easy AF Ways to Make a Crop Top With Stuff You Already Have


  1. Fold your leggings in half.
  2. Cut out the crotch of the leggings to create the collar of your crop top. I wanted the front and back of my shirt to be more of a scoop shape than a V-neck, so I cut the line in a slight curve.
  3. Start by cutting a section only about 4 to 5 inches long, and then go back and remove more if you want it to be lower-cut.

That’s literally all you do. I told you these were easy.


  1. Remove the sleeves of your shirt by cutting along the arm seams.
  2. Decide how cropped you want your top to be, and then cut straight along that line at the back of the shirt.
  3. In the front, leave a strip alongside the buttons to create the pieces you’ll later tie up.
  4. Lightly fray the edge of your top. Use the edge of your scissors to scrape the raw edge and fray it out a bit for a more relaxed look.
  5. After you’ve put on the top, knot the bottom two pieces together.


  1. Fold the scarf in half the long way.
  2. Wrap the scarf behind your back (kind of like you’re drying off with a towel) and even out the sides.
  3. Twist the ends of the scarf one complete time to create the sweetheart neckline.
  4. Wrap the sides around the back, and tie it in a double knot.
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